Portland's Original Churrascaria

brazil grill steakhouse serving gauchos

Portland's Original Churrascaria


Since 2006

As the original Portland Churrascaria, opened in 2006, Brazil Grill was the first to popularize the all-you-can-eat meat experience. Tender fillets, lamb, delicious Picanha, shrimp and more, including a salad bar serving up authentic Brazilian sides like the Brazilian Stroganoff, the Farofa dish made from Yucca root, or Feijoada, a national dish of black beans and pork are rarely found elsewhere. In this food paradise gauchos approach your table to offer a slice of the tender, juicy meats from the very skewers that they were cooked on anytime you flip a disc. Fat slices of Grilled Pineapple, caramelized and mouth watering, Guarana soda made from Amazon Guarana Berries, or the ever popular Caipirinha might become your favorite.